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Look, feel and perform your best with our Peak State Longevity Retreat and Masterminds.

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Rejuvenate and put some energy back in your tank .

Our retreats and masterminds provide you with a powerful toolkit to help you reach your business and personal goals with greater levels of enjoyment.

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Longevity Retreat

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Nourish your body and mind so that your next decade is your best decade .

How much energy are you and your closest peers leaving on the table? Our transformative blood labs and programs designed to support your well-being and help you nourish your body and mind. Develop better work/life balance and a healthier lifestyle.

“I was blown away at the knowledge I gained from Regan and his team at East West Health. I gained deep insights about peptide therapy, hormones, and nutrition that I've been looking for for years. The retreat experience transformed the way I think about my future health.” - Ellie B.


How much does it cost?

We have 2 core packages that allow you to decide how many perks you'd like to be made available to your group.

1. Longevity Retreat: includes comprehensive blood labs and diagnostics, one-on-one lab review, regenerative peptides, vitamin IV's, acupuncture, biohacking and age reversal curriculum. *Customizable

2. Longevity and Rejuvenation: includes everything in the Longevity package plus regenerative medicine therapies that can include hair or face restoration, joint reconditioning, or cardio-vascular and brain rejuvenation. *Customizable

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